Dogs.  Cats.  People.  Anything with eyes.  That is what fascinates me.  It is what I am passionate about.  It is what I love to paint.  I work to capture and share the spirit behind their captivating eyes.

About Me

I am a seeker of souls.  My infatuation with the eyes and finding what is behind them is my muse.  I am a graduate of the University of Washington in Art History.  I spent years traveling and studying in museums all over the world during most of my working career designing collectibles and painting in my head.

During my years of business travel, my passion for the arts and indigenous culture sustained me.  I could always find refuge in a museum or local galleries.  Now I want to convey the love and generousness of spirit that I have experienced exploring and meeting people across the world.  Witnessing the human condition at work within each culture is to me 

what connects us all.  Love is the common denominator, the great equalizer.

Finally, I have begun to express my vision of the world with watercolor and oils.  I have won several awards for my efforts and I am trying to find a piece of my own soul in the eyes of every painting I complete.  I feel like a conduit to the universe, the vision for my paintings flows through me, I cannot take credit.  We are all connected, I just open my heart to our connectedness.

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